Property Marketing – 2D or 3D Floor Plan?

Floor plans are an essential element in marketing any new home, giving the prospective buyer a clear feel for the internal layout of a new property. We’ve produced endless amounts of floor plans in our many years working with property developers and we’re often asked for our advice on the 2D vs 3D floor plans debate. We wanted to outline some pros and cons for each to help you make the best decision when marketing your homes.

2D Home Floor Plan

2D Floor Plans


  • Relatively simple and cost effective to produce
  • Work well at any size – easy to retain quality/resolution when scaled
  • Easily styled to suit brand or surrounding design


  • No way of showing height or depth
  • Can be difficult to understand layout
  • Architectural errors not easy to spot
3D Home Floor Plan

3D Floor Plans


  • Adds the ‘wow’ factor
  • Easy to understand the property layout
  • Once modelled, it’s easy to produce alternative views, tours and walkthrough animations


  • Time consuming to produce
  • Awkward to place within printed design
  • Perspective can make rooms/spaces look small
  • Lighting difficult – can result in dark shadows in stairwells, etc

Xactive are able to produce floor plans in both 2D and 3D but in printed marketing materials we find our clients seem to prefer 2D versions. However for online marketing we can certainly see the benefits in 3D walkthroughs for developers whose budgets will stretch that far. Potential buyers being able to explore the layout of a new home can only strengthen the developers ability to sell from plan.